Paradigm Shift Vol. 4 is complete!

All five issues of PS Volume 4!

This month I completed my latest graphic novel, Paradigm Shift #4. The final issue came out at M.I.C.E. just over a week ago and the last couple of scenes will post on the website in Novemeber and December respectively. And I just made the entire collection available to purchase online last week.

I feel this book features some of my best work to date.

It’s exciting to see the whole story in print at long last.  This book was a long time in development, since it first started out in webcomic form and then “sat in the drawer” for a couple of years after I stopped running it as a webcomic.  I resurrected it in order to complete it as a graphic novel and collected it into minicomic form to bring to local comic shows.  However, I am running it on the old Paradigm Shift webcomic site for the sake of completing the series in public and bringing some closure to the project.  (It also means you can read the whole series for free right now—lucky you!)

I’ll be collecting the book for release in graphic novel form next year.  Keep an eye out here for more on that soon.

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Just a bit more excitement from PS Vol. 4

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